About us

Konetik is a telematics company with a proven track record of providing state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle feasibility assessment and digital fleet management services for businesses aiming to integrate and manage electric vehicles.

We have already built a plug–and–play digital fleet management product and successfully commercialised it in all over Europe for hundreds of customers. After identifying the difficulties to integrate electric vehicles into our clients’ daily operations we made a commitment to leverage our expertise in telematics and energy management to facilitate e-vehicle uptake.

Our team is passionate to provide an automated, scalable, reliable product to prospective EV fleets to help them getting rid of range anxiety, evaluate Return on Investment, and assure them about business continuity.

Taking full advantage of our hardware, embedded software and user experience expertise Konetik is providing the best tools and services to help decision makers face their complex daily challenges.

Our goal is to help companies deliver better business results while increasing safety and reduce their environmental footprint.

Konetik was founded by three entrepreneurs, Balazs Szabo (CEO), Peter Varga (CTO) and Gergo Nyikos (CPO) in 2014. We have established the company with the mission to contribute to more efficient transportation by delivering data driven support solutions and help companies to increase safety and efficiency.

Konetik is growing sharply, currently employing 12 people. Our core team includes hardware and software engineers, designers, cloud and data analytics experts, senior international management, marketing and sales professionals, as well as technical experts from the automotive sector. We have a truly European business and tech team. The team members speak 8 languages, and the company has offices in 3 countries. The company’s headquarters was set up in Berlin to manage the EU wide expansion from a European business hub.

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