Tools and functions to improve the efficiency of your fleet

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Real time location of every vehicle, driving or parking.


Set the category of your next trips


Define geographical boundaries and receive notifications when a vehicle leaves (or enters) them.


Define frequently visited places, addresses. They will appear in the Logbook and you will receive notification when a vehicle arrives or leaves.

Automated Logbook

Receive automatically generated logbook, no more manual administration needed.

Trip History

Filterable list of every trip by every vehicle.

Trip Details

See every information of the trip — driver, vehicle, category, addresses, route, fuel consumption, idling time, engine temperature, and so on.

Service Reminders

Receive automatic notifications about vehicles in need for regular inspection.

Engine Trouble Codes

Read and decipher engine trouble codes remotely.

Battery Status

See the vehicles’ status of battery charge level and receive notification if it’s critically low.


Insightful statistics to see summarised trends or rank of individual vehicles based on the number of trips, distance or time driven, utilisation, consumption, cost.


Receive weekly and monthly reports about key metrics, trips and vehicle diagnostics.


Prognosis for key metrics of the fleet for planning ahead.


Receive notification of important events, such as device connection, battery charge level problem, driver activity in email or in the application.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get started with the trial period? We contact you via e-mail or phone, send the Konetik Plug devices (1 device/vehicle needed) and grant you full access to the Konetik web application.

What happens at the end of the trial period? If Konetik fits your expectations we sign a contract, send an invoice and you can enjoy the service without distraction. In case you are not interested further in our service you only need to send back the Konetik Plug device.

What it is compatible with? Konetik Plug is compatible with all cars and small sized commercial vehicles that have been registered in Europe after 2001 and that are under 3,5 tons of total weight. In order to use Konetik dashboard you should have a PC or smart phone with a modern browser running on them.

What is the price of the device? You get the Konetik Plug for free, only need to pay for the service package, the device is included in the (service) price.

What is the price of installation? Konetik Plug installation has no additional cost, it can be executed easily by the user without any special tool or competence. The device simply needs to be plugged into the vehicle diagnostic (OBD) port.

How can I install the Konetik Plug? First you need to find the vehicle diagnostic (OBD) port in your vehicle, it is located in the area near to the steering wheel, the hand brake or around the space dedicated to the driver’s legs. You only need to plug the device in the port.

Can I connect the device with multiple vehicles? Yes, Konetik Plug device can be connected and tested with numerous vehicles. However, to receive accurate prognosis we don’t recommend the frequent switching of vehicle with the same device.

Is the service available in all countries of Europe? Yes, the service is available in all 28 countries of European Union without any extra cost.

Does it work on smartphone? Yes, the Konetik web application is compatible with Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Windows Phone smartphones.

Can I invite other users to my fleet? Yes, you can invite other users with manager or driver authority.

Is it secure? Yes, Konetik is applying standard encrypting and authority processes in order to protect your private data.

Which companies benefit from using Konetik? The system is optimised for fleets with 5–50 vehicles, where vehicles are used in everyday work. Meeting these requirements Konetik helps by increasing the fleet’s efficiency, simplifying administration, managing vehicle maintenance and handling the workflow.